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This week I have applied for a few extra work, that I can have outside school.
Since Åre is a big turist area and many people come here and "spend money" and in winter time they ski since this is the biggest ski area in Sweden. Lets say it is like smoky mountain, gatlinburg  TN but much more skiing!!

To the point, yesterday when me and my friends had lunch at a lunch/coffee place the manager asked me if I was Albin and he remembered me from the application so he asked me if I wanted to work extra at weekends and next weekend it is "Åre Höstmarknad" the annual fall fair/market place of åre and many people will come here and stay over so they wanted me to work then. ofcourse I said yes and Im very excited over it :D wish me good look :)

I took a walk up in the "low part" mountain yesterday with a friend and I took some photos over Åre and the nature so I could share it with yall.

one of the 15 hotels in Åre

Summer time it is downhill bicycling instead of skiing.

Åre Village

Soon it will be snow all over here :D

and here as well.

That was the last I had to share with you guys this time and I hope be back soon with some more interesting next time.


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Fall is here and it is great, soon the snow will be here too and the winter so. Hopefully not before October.
The School is rolling and my new class is great! Not that I had a problem with  the old one  but this one is awesome!
if yall read the last update you probably know by now how the swedish school is working, here we just have one class of students for each grade and we are the same group at all time in all classes, almost at least.
most of us is born 1994, but Im a 93 and Im attendeing their class now since I came to the states. 

This past weekend I went home to my parents in the south, I have a friend from school and her mother was here and they asked me if I wanted to ride with them and then they could just drop me of since they pass bu where I live and so we did. I was home Friday evening and took the train back up this Sunday, TRAIN! yall how know me know how much I love trains and it was a wonderful trip!! :D It was great to be home a few days and see my family, next time I will come home is for fall break in late october/ early November.

I dont have so much more to tell, If yall have some ide what i can explain or tell, in the comment area down below here  you can comment and I will do the best to learn yall some swedish stuf! 

Take care!