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Autumn Equinox, almost winter

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One week left in regular school before I start an internship for eight weeks, down in Stockholm, I will be in a reception of a hotel. It is a part of my major to have this and also six weeks in the spring. Everyone in my class will go out and do some sort of an intern. I am looking forward to mine and I am sure it will be great! 
When that time comes I will teach you all about Stockholm.
For starters, it is the capital of Sweden!
Until then, some picture of Åre mountain and all the ones surrounded by it.   
From the other side of where I stay, but so much more beautiful. 
and From the top, October 14th 


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Up here in Åre and the mountain we have got our first snow,
not to stay for so long, but this morning the mountains were white and still are.
Hopefully we can have fall break whitout snow but after that,
the snow is welcome to stay! 
These photos if from this morning, Oktober 7th
I have decided to make a USA trip this upcoming summer, hopefully in June directly after I have graduated!!
I`m already looking forward to that!!  
I have been home to my parents once since school started in August, I helped them with our new bridge/boating (I dont know what yall call it) but where you can dock a boat. The old one we had at out summerplace got destoyed form last winters ice and storm, so we had to make a new one. My dad have spend most part of his sparetime and summer vacation to make it done, while me and mum have helped out with what we could to best. And today they made it done.  Great job!
I have worked some of the weekends up here in Åre, and last weekend we had a big fall marked, and many turist comes here. And one day they had 200 sheeps running thru the town square. It was pretty awesome. 
I will try to make the next post shortly!