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Drivers license

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Since last I blogged, I have now my drivers license! It was not easy, wish it was like in Usa and definitly for same price. To take a drivers license here cost like $1500-2000 But I guess it is worth it.

Last week we went on easter break here in sweden, we are out of school for 5 days, but my class got it earlier, so I went home to my parents a few days and then I went back to Åre to stay here the rest of the break. I have now worked every day  from saturday to Saurday, and then I will be off on sunday before school starts again on Monday.

I work at the destination company; Skistar. We rent out skii equipment, sell the skipasses, have skischool and take care of the slopes and lifts, we also have weekend apartments the tourist can stay in, basicly they own everything here in Åre. But I work at the shops where people rent skiis and buy the skipasses. 

Here we still get snow, Last week it snowed for 5 days almost continuous. So it is still winter here, but not less then 20 F. 

Here are some recently taken picture from Åre

On the top of the mountain.

The top station of the cable car.

Åre Village in February


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