Albin Ullmark- One year in Mississippi USA

9 days until USA

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You heard me right! Next saturday I will leave for USA! And stay for 3 weeks, I would love to meet as many for you as possible.

Here in sweden We just have two weeks in high school, but I will just get out earlier to be able to go to yall.

Two weeks ago we got the last snow here, but now it is just snow up in the mountains. You remember how I wrote before about dark all days and just a few hours a day with light. Now it is the opposite, the sun goes down at 11pm and up at 4am. 23rd of june we will reach a turn, that day it will be light all day and night with the sun up entire day!

It is not cold anymore either, today we had graduation and we had 70 Fahrenheit so that was wonderful!

So you all next weekend!!


  • Anonym säger:

    ...... That went pretty fast huh?? The last week for you definitely won't be as good..since I won't be here :) Hope you have a great flight back and obviously we are gonna skype :)

    2012-06-18 | 07:30:58

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