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woawoa 18!!

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Much have happend since last update here, for Christmas I went home to celebrate my 18th birthday and Christmas with my family. For christmas I got a trip to the states!!! I´m coming over this summer, just looking for a place to stay. My parents and grandmother came back with me to Åre, they stayed here for a few days and then went back home. I worked the rest of my break before school started. 

The winter here in Sweden have been warmer then regular, no nights have been below 14 fahrenheit and daytime have been around 25-30 and sometimes even above 32 that is very unusual. But today, it is 14 F outside and it was a chock for me this morning when I was going out skiing, but up on the alps/mountain it was just 21 and sunshine, so we stayed up there!!

I am working on my driver´s license as well, but it is talking much time and it is very expensive compared to Mississippi and the states! 40min driver´s lesson her cost between 60-70$ and you have to add books, fee for certian classes and here we also need to learn how to drive safe on ice, so next week I have a class where we drive on ice and need to do certain movements and take action in high speed. That cost 250-300$ depending on where you live in sweden and how much they take, but it is mandatory for everyone that is taking a driver´s license. Hopefully I will be ready soon to take the tests.

Glad to see that you are many out there that keep reading my blog, I would enjoy a comment if someone have anything they want me to write about, it could be about sweden or my life here, anything! Just click kommentarer (0) and there you can post a comment anonymous.

Here are some pics from this morning when we went skiing! enjoy

Tomorrow we will go up early and skii before school starts at 3pm, evening classes tomorrow!


  • Anonym säger:

    Woo WOO Albin :) You know you're gonna stay at my house :) so Don't even try to get out of it now!

    2012-01-25 | 06:38:49
  • Anonym säger:

    That's me..... Malorrrry by the way ;)

    2012-01-25 | 06:42:08
  • custom essay writing säger:

    Many people like go in such place on Cristmas. Theye they can get a lot of good emotions.

    2012-01-31 | 11:48:47
  • Anonym säger:

    I can not believe it cost so much money to get a drivers license. Most teenagers here would not have one. I am happy you get to come to the US.

    2012-05-14 | 23:40:55

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