Albin Ullmark- One year in Mississippi USA



Here in Sweden we celebrate christmas the 24th, but we say like in the states - Christmas = Jul and eve = afton but somehow the big day is the 24th and for Christmas Day we kind of just take it easy and eat all the leftovers from the christmas food.

I came home last weekend from Stockholm where I had my 8 week internship, they offered me employment for over the summer, so I am thinking about taking that!

For New years eve my parents and I will go up to Åre we I study, I will work till school starts and my parents will just stay for the weekend.

Here in Sweden where I will live, a snowstorm came thru and caused major traffic disruptions! A lot of snow came at same time, I think we have like 4 feet of snow in our yard, so at the sides of the street it is like a wall of snow, you will seein the pictures!


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