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Glad that so many people read my blog, thats great but Im sorry that I dont update more, but soon I will!
Now it will be some about my work

I work at "Arbetsförmedlingen" that is a federal department and is named: Swedish Public Employment Service
and we help people that is unemployed and also people that have a reduced disability to work 100%
this is the main information:

An introduction to the Swedish Public Employment Service

Our task is to get employers together with people who are looking for work, in the most efficient manner possible. We are Sweden´s largest employment agency, and our services are free of charge.
In the assignment given to us by Sweden´s Parliament and Government, we give extra attention to people who are at some distance from the labour market. In addition, we organise recruitment drives and establish temporary Public Employment Services at companies facing redundancy.

We are now employing more employment counsellors and job coaches as well as forming new collaborations with private actors. We are where there is a need, all over Sweden.
Even at the lowest turn of the business cycle, people need to be hired. In the next few years many people will be retiring, and you will need to find people to take over in the generation shift. All available people will then be needed. We want to be a meeting place for opportunities

Now yall know some about my work.
I work there for 4 weeks now and than I will start school Aug the 29th.
I start at wrok 8am and is done 4.30pm and it is located in my "town" since I live on the side I have a 25min drive, at work I help customer and do a lot of administration.



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