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Sorry :/

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Im very sorry for the extremely bad update, Im not a good "blogger"
But I think it will be better when I start school, I hope!

My parents and I have been home from our summerhouse now for a few days, bad weather with rain.
So we are now home and are seeing our neighbors and friends.

Today we  were in the garden all day and fixing with everything, we are far behind for this regular time of year, but it dont have same value anymore anyway so...

Tonigth we went in to town: Hudiksvall. it is our closest big city and that is only 20´000 people living their so it is not very big compared to yall population ;) We went home to friends of ours and stayed their for a while and talked, later on we went down to city square where it were "cruising" with old cars, it was nice.

Tomorrow I hope it will be sun and maybe I can hope it will be warm too, hopefully 75-80 F
and that is hot for us and if yall had that temperature you would think if was cold, or???

This was last week, 10.40 pm and the sun is not even down.
A few weeks ago it was light outside all night long!!


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